I Was Born to Write

Dreaming of becoming an Author?

You’ve been sitting on a vision you could have shared with the world, probably worried about finances that your book sales could have brought you to increase or to work on a job you hate. If you are someone who cannot quiet your bright mind when it frequently plots that exciting story or heeds that million-dollar vision, we’re here to help! Your Best Seller Awaits you. A century ago, we launched Fountain of Life Publisher's House, captivating the stories and the writers' hearts and growing the writers in you while developing the author to birth. The Birth of an Author Shall Be Born, is it you?  

We are here every step of the way to produce your book. We, Master Coaching Writers & Book Publishing, are our Mission while creating Authors our specialty!

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I travel and have Creative Writing Workshop One- day Classes or you can Register for my Build A Book 6-week course. I update my workshops weekly coming to a city or town near you! 

Since COVID-19 All Workshops Are Online for the safety of all.

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Creative Writer's Workshop
Making Time To Write
Overcome Writer's Block
Expensive Writing

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I Was Born to Write

I realize so many are unhappy, miserable, and dissatisfied with life because they haven't tapped into their purpose. I love teaching people How to Write Books. Being a Writer's Coach is one of my divine assignments, getting the book out of people. I am ready to assist you. 

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Entertain your mind with a book from our Bookstore Gallery purchase your books here.

We love to entertain our readers with books galore a wide variety of genres, from inspirational to urban dramas. Choose your books today. You can also visit our online Bookstore www.pariceparker.biz to make any purchases. All our books are on Amazon and many online bookstores.

My Book Writer's Stimulus Package

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I Was Born to Write Is My Desire

Writing is one of the most excellent life enhancers ever, and it will organize a better lifestyle.

We are ready to assist you today, call 404.936.3989

Oneday Online Writers Class

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Oneday Class

 You Will Learn the following:

1) How to Master Book Writing
2) Motivation to Write 3) How to Write A Book In 90 Days or Less
4) How to Form Chapters
5) Plan for a Successful Outline
6) How to Begin Your Book
7) What Are Book Hooks
8) What To Do with Book Scraps & more 

We love when our clients are satisfied. Register for our 1 Day Creative Writer's Workshop Today.

* Overcome Writer's Block
* Forming Chapter's
*Find Time to Write
*Basics of Writing
*Writing Cliche's
*Motivation to Write

You will get a Free Writer's Package

Join My 6 Week Writers Course

$500.00 to Start

If you are ready to write your book and willing to take my 6-week writers class from the comfort of your home, please submit your deposit of $150.00 - text "I Am Ready To Write." 

*All The Basic Skills
* Develop Writer Skills *Secret's to Book Writing
* Pursue Your Authorship
* Enhance Your Writing Ability with Structure

Join My 12 Week Pro-Writer's Class

$1000.00 to Start

Learn how to build a business from your writing talents, and to fortify your business skills. Writer's that lock their mind on more significant achievements, to triumph with success. Take my 12-week Authors Graduate Course with a $700.00 Deposit.

*Master Your Authorship
*Graduate w/ Book Publishing Package *Graduate w/ Honors *Free Hotel Stay Dinner Celebration

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