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Build A Book Classes & Book Camp

Practice makes perfect. We train you to become the author you always dreamed of. You will learn more than basics and educated to strengthen your writing ability. Books will begin to birth out of your belly, left and right—home of extortionary authors.

1) Overcome Writer's Block How to 2) Form Your Chapters
3) Recogizing Your Genre
4) Identification Gaining Self
5) Discipline In Writing
6) Understanding the Writings Guide 7) Writing Structure A Writer's Blue  Print
8) Secret's to Writing 3 Plus Books A Year
9) How to Get Writing Jobs 
10) Defining Your Chapter's
11) Attracting Readers
12) Making Money Writing
13) Finding Your Purpose

We Create Authors 

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I Was Born to Write

Coaching Writers  & Book Publishing Services is our mission and birthing new titles is our purpose. We Are Ready to Help You Produce Your Book from the privacy of your home.

We create authors and produce books

Look no further; we are ready to coach the books right out of your belly. I have Ghostwritten more than 20 titles, authored over 25 titles, including my best Sellers, "Make Time to Pray & The Birth of An Author Shall e Born," plus Published over 70 titles. I have a 98% rate of creating authors once they meet me and take my Build A Book Boot Camp Class. Come to one of my Creative Writing Workshops or Enroll in my Author's Graduate Course.  

One day Creative Writing Workshop $100.00
Build A Book Boot Camp $1000.00 ($500.00 Deposit)
Author's Graduate Course $3500.00 ($1000.00 Deposit) 


Another way we help our authors reach readers.

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