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Creative Writing Workshops

I wanted to impart some writing tips to help ease you on YOUR NEW BOOK to Get Published. Writing can be tiresome, and YOU MUST SHOW INTEREST IN YOUR WORK to draw others to Your New Book. YOUR NEW BOOK deserves to live. Prove To The World that YOUR BOOK DESERVES THE OPPORTUNITY of life! There is excellent potential Awaiting every AUTHOR upon their arrival. The key is YOU must arrive with Your New Book. A hidden talent GAINS NO REWARDS. I want you to gain credits for your writing talents, and DISCOVER THE AUTHOR IN YOU!

Learn at the Writer's Workshop:

Overcome Writer's Block
How to Find Time to Write
Motivation to Write
How to Earn Money from Your Writings
Placing & Forming Your Chapters
How to Finish a Book within 90 Days or Less 

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Expressive Writing Workshops

Book Meditation is medicine to the Author and Zeal for the New Book. A few days out of the week, you need to exercise your thinking ability to increase a writer's flow. Your book content requires to give sound instruction, direction an excellent appeal for you to explain per chapter and segment of your paragraphs. It would be best if you kept the interest of your reader in a continuous flow to desire to want more. So, therefore, they need to stay entertained, gain awareness, or be enticed to want to further your book. It must flow from the book title, chapters, and segments to obtain genuine interest for the reader to comprehend your book contents and to refer it to others. Book meditation comes from you, allowing your mind to zone into creativity through walking as you think about your new book. Keep in mind what you have written and the next direction on how you want to aim your reader's mind. Your New Book is their entertainment, and through your writing, you must show them new direction and get them to experience what you see that is the purpose of YOUR NEW BOOK. You can go to a quiet place and get in a meditation zone for your mind to grasp that next directional thought for you to remain on Your New Book journey of expression to your readers. In book meditation will cause you to gain more interest in your new readers to obtain the concept of your new book and for them to be fulfilled through your writings. Book meditation is a sure way to help produce a good quality book from a writer's heart. 

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